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Nymbl started in a small city of Lexington, KY when a young IT entrepreneur met a local, nationally recognized O&P practitioner . Through this partnership the young IT entrepreneur, let’s call him Josh Lau, noticed that there was a huge gap in the technology being used in the Prosthetic and Orthotic community. After spending a couple of years understanding the industry and practices, Josh started to create Nymbl, formerly 451 Tech. Nymbl is built on the principle of leveraging the latest technologies to help practice owners maximize their time to give the best patient care and grow their practice.

Nymbl is beyond stability, it is also agility. Nymbl will be a fluid piece of software that is able to change with any new update that CMS, private pay, or other regulations that may be introduced to the healthcare community.

Nymbl simplifies the complicated situation of healthcare into a easy to use interface that allows the user to spend the rest of their time serving the patient.

Nymbl Team

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Justin Howard
Software Support Specialist
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Junior Software Engineer
Junior Software Engineer
Software Support Specialist

Nymbl is a Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management System.

Being 100% HIPAA compliant, we secure your data as its being transmitted and when it is at rest on our Amazon Web Servers. This takes any overhead cost of having and hosting your own internal server, as well as the extra cost of the IT team associated with it.

Nymbl received the collective input from some of the best practices around the United States, with over 400+ years of collective knowledge. These individuals have experience in the small (1-3) practice settings, all the way to large corporate offices. These individuals have used many healthcare systems and have given us, what we feel to be the best user interface and experience, when charting, documenting, and submitting claims in the Orthotic and Prosthetic market.

Getting started couldn’t be easier!

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